Naturopathy is an art and science of healing that assists the body’s natural ability to heal, using natural substances.

Naturopath is concerned about nutritional needs of the cells, environmental, and the emotional state of the body and mind.

The body is made up of billions of living cells. Each cell requires nutrition – brought to the cells by the blood flow. And each cell requires an effective way of eliminating the waste products.

When there is a sufficient nutrition, adequate elimination, mental and spiritual contentment, the body is at “ease” and all is well.

When there is deficiency in one or more of these areas, the body starts to do things without ease and eventually becomes “dis-eased” (or “diseased”). When there is insufficient flow of nutrients, due to poor intake or poor absorption, the cells will start to under-perform.

When the waste products are not eliminated properly, the cells will under-perform due to poor quality conditions.

Over an extended period of time, this affects larger and larger number of cells and the under-performance, felt at first as:” I do not feel well”, changes to a “disease” state.

This is complicated by the way our mind directs the operations of the whole system: distress, worry, fear, bitterness, anxiety, depression, and all other negative feelings affecting the body in a negative way. 

Just as eu-stress (good kind of stress), such as gratitude, happiness, contentment, hope and other positive feelings affect the body in a positive way. Different feelings affect different organs to a lesser or greater degree.

Concerns about our life abilities set us up for an “ill at ease body”.

So when our body is under distress, lacking in proper nutrition, elimination, and we have a mind-set “concern” about our life's abilities that makes one or more of our organs weaker, we precipitate immunological problems, inflammation and chronic problems manifesting in acute or chronic diseases.

Naturopath looks for these imbalances, which are reflected through the iris, skin, nails, hair, urine, stool, and a “symptom picture”. Pathological tests, X-rays, CT and MRIs are also used as and when required. 

From these findings Naturopath decides what nutritional factors need to be introduced, what organs need detoxification, what concerns need addressing and what postural and environmental changes need to be made.

When this is done, the body sets out to repair itself and the “ill at ease” turns to “ease”. The body is now able to perform normal physiological functions as much as it is possible, apart from wear and tear effects as we age.

There is no “magic” in this. The body behaves exactly according to the laws of nature. These laws are unchangeable for everyone, rich or poor, big or small. By understanding these laws and how they affect our body, we can use them for our benefit or misuse them to our detriment.

Naturopath will prescribe  specifically tailored treatment regime for you to assist your body in healing and maintaining your well-being.

Naturopath uses herbs, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, homeopathic remedies and will help you change some of your dietary, postural , work  and sleep habits.  

A Naturopath is not a medical practitioner.

We do not treat a disease; we assist nature in the healing process.

Note: this definition of naturopathy applies to this clinics point of view and may differ from other Natural Therapy clinics.