We attribute a modern Homeopathic Medicine to a German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who developed the system in the18th century.

The principle of Homeopathy has been known for thousand years. We can find some reference to Homeopathic principles even in the Bible.

The Homeopathic efficiency has been demonstrated over and over especially in the last 200 years history. We can easily say that Homeopathy remains second one of the mostly widely used medical system in the world today after the use of drugs. Even the British Royal Family is amongst its patrons. United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, India and many other countries embrace the Homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is Holistic Medicine that offers a method of healing to maintain health and prevent illness. It is made of thousands of specifically prepared medicines from different sources, mostly derived from plants and minerals.

Homeopathic medicine does not discriminate and treats from newborn to old age without any side effects. It is a subtle but effective therapy that can correct the imbalances in the body and mind.

         The philosophy of Homeopathy is based upon the principle of Similars -

         “Similia Similibus Curantur” = treat like with alike.  In other words, any substance           which is capable of creating symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms in a sick person if given in right dose.

Homeopath strives to find a remedy whose symptoms correspond to those experienced by the patient.

There are many different ways of treatments including drainage and detoxification.


Drainage is a process of activating specific organs to perform a better task of eliminating toxins and by products of metabolism. Drainage is organ specific not toxin specific.

To target specific toxins or products is detoxification.

That answers the question what is the drainage and what is the detoxification.

Homeopathic preparations are very well suited to help with the process of drainage.

Why is it necessary to perform the drainage?

From time to time our organs do not performing 100%. Do they ever perform 100%?

Actually our organs perform 100% at any given time considering a lot of influences from internal and external sources.

Let’s look at our liver per example, we put the food into our stomach, or at least we think it is food, such a breakfast at take-away outlet and expect to have energy and feel good. If we repeat the process over and over again, the liver eventually gets tired and we feel lethargic.

Why is that? The liver gets “clogged”, we all agree with that, don’t we?

Being “clogged” is a perfect scientific term, don’t you agree?

O’K, if we pour muddy water in the bucket and go away then return and repeat the process over and over again, the bucket will eventually contain quite a bit of mud giving the time and repeated process of filling the bucket with muddy water.

The same thing happens to our organs, we might as well drink the muddy water.

Our food is so contaminated with food additives, processing, mutation of seeds, additives to soil and water, and the list goes on and on.

The practitioner selects the appropriate remedies for draining the affected organs according to the symptom picture presented.

The outcome depends on many things such as patient’s compliance, duration of disease, is it acute or chronic, hereditary pre-dispositions, life-style, medication, drugs, alcohol or smoking.

How can we connect different organs with symptoms? Digestive organs are easy to establish, but what about liver and chronic fatigue or bowels for toxic parasites and yeast invasion?  As well as kidneys – especially heavy metal intoxication, water retention and mercury fillings? Bladder could be connected with cystitis, nervous bladder or yeast infection, Chlamydia infection. Lymphatics are involved with all chronic conditions.

Lungs are associated with skin problems, sinuses or even to liver and allergies, exhaust fumes.

Drainage Homeopathic Remedies can help with all the above problems when experienced and keen Homeopath establishes the proper diagnoses and prescribes the right remedies.

Miriam has been applying Homeopathic Remedies for more than 40 years with remarkable results.


If we want to detoxify the body from harmful substances we will use different remedies.