DR. MAURICE C.H. BLACKMORE  ND, DC, DO, MBAN (Lon), (holding degrees in Medicine, Naturopathy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy) was in unique position to evaluate the principles and methods of healing the sick, and in practice could use all four if necessary.

Since 1930, he has spent 43years on theory of Colloidal Mineral deficiencies providing the main factor in the actual cause of disease and Colloidal Remedies as the most practical answer to the problem.

His findings are based not only on scientific knowledge, but also on time-testing practical experience and facts, to which is added the fact that Nature’s Laws are quite unalterable.

The facts are that any living cell can only obtain its nutrition through plant life. No matter what type of food is, if it can be utilized by living cells, it has to originate from plant life.

Colloidal Mineral Therapy differs from any other therapy as it utilizes the powerful dosages designed to supply the maximum amount that the human body is capable of assimilating over a given period.

It is nevertheless true that the human body cannot accept large quantities of the mineral compounds except in the colloidal form which is the form in which they exist in all foods.

As all living cells originate from plant life, it must be obvious that these mineral compounds so vital to the construction and maintenance of living cells in the human body must undergo some biological transformation in transit.

The medical profession acknowledges and accepts that there are deficiencies of iron and calcium in human body yet they fail to supply the successful corrective remedies mainly because they supply only much larger dosages of unassimilable compounds of a different nature. What they supply as medicine were neither colloidal or normal body compounds of these minerals.  The medical science treats the effect not the cause. If the deficiency exists this method will produce very limited and short term results without addressing the cause.

If the plant absorbs the minerals from the soil somewhere along the way these minerals get converted to colloidal form but what triggers off this transformation? What is the catalyst?

It could only happen by constant solar energy or photosynthesis which transmitted in vibrations though to the roots perhaps converting the minerals adjacent into colloidal minerals which could be absorbed by the plant.

The gases such as Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen combine with minerals convert them into organic molecules capable of living cell construction. The type of living cell created would be in accordance with or determined by the formula of minerals used to convert or combine with the gases. The intermediatory or combustion factor involved would be supplied by the sun’s rays or light vibrations.

What are the colloids? Colloids are unstable complexes, in which continuous transformation takes place, which is induced by light, heat, electric and magnetic fields, electronic discharges, and other forms of energy. These transformations result in a great variation of the characteristics of the system.

*The above information was taken in excerpts form from the book “Mineral Deficiencies in Human Cells” by Dr. M.C.H. Blackmore.

The Mineral Therapy must be prescribed for the patient’s individuality. It is necessary for Mineral Therapy to be monitored with the view to minor adjustment being made. Mineral Therapy is presented as building blocks to rectify the deficiency in the body and not just to relieve the symptoms. Look upon your treatment as a project to regaining good health.

Mineral Therapy is treating the deficiency of colloidal minerals in the cells together with life style changes will produce desirable outcome of regaining your health and staying healthy.

When the symptoms have cleared up the advice is to stay on the treatment for a period of time at a reduced dose, so as to consolidate the results already achieved.

Key benefits:

  • Has almost 80 years of empirical experience
  • Is suitable for babies, children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly
  • Complements other modalities
  • Is an inexpensive and effective modality that encourages patient compliance
  • Useful for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Addresses the cause, and not just the symptoms
  • Is well tolerated and non-toxic

Miriam has been using Mineral Therapy – Colloids for more than 40 years with very good results. She remembers when her son was 10 months old; he chewed some 20 tablets of MP65 (which stands for Magnesium Phosphate), with no ill effect at all. She found him on the floor sleeping peacefully. She placed him in his bed and after some 12 hours of sleeping, he woke up happy and cheerful.

MP65 is usually used for calming the nerves.